Kaspersky One Universal Security Review
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Pros and Cons of Kaspersky One Universal Security Review

For most individuals, browsing on the internet and communicating has been expanded much further from desktops into tablets and smartphones. Although all these devices are magnificent to use, they are also vulnerable to viruses, malware and other security compromises. Since all these devices are used to access the internet or perform financial transactions, most users are in search of the best way to stretch out their Kaspersky computer security to reach out to their smartphones or tablets. There is only one way you can protect all your technical devices from suspicious files that can compromise the devices, and thatís through using Kaspersky One Universal Security. With the software, you can be guaranteed that your financial and sensitive personal information is safe and secure no matter your access point. Unlike most Kaspersky security products, Kaspersky One Universal can protect up to 5 devices from internet threats.

Different devices come with different modes of operation, technical specifics and many other aspects. Kaspersky One Universal takes this into account and provides custom made security for each device.


Some of the features of Kaspersky One Universal include the following:

- Itís very easy to install. Kaspersky One Universal disc contains a set up wizard which contains step to step guide on how to properly install the software. This makes it very easy for amateurs to use efficiently. There is also a help tutorial which provides answers to simple questions about the product.

- Contains awesome antivirus feature that immediately detects and blocks all malicious content on your computer and prevents any virtual damage. This feature is very good at detecting all types of suspicious content whether viruses, malware or spyware.

- Comes with a parental control feature which allows parents to limit their children from viewing provocative content on different websites.

- It also contains an anti-spamming feature which immediately censors all spam messages and emails that may contain malware and other suspicious content.


- Kaspersky One Universal Security comes with many features that protect computer users from malware and other viruses that may harm or damage the computer.

- The presence of parental control setting allows parents to limit what websites their children visit on the internet.

- The anti-spamming feature assists with blocking spam messages which may contain suspicious files that may harm the computer.

- The Kaspersky One Universal also contains an anti-phising feature which protects the usersí digital and virtual identity while performing financial transactions online. This feature also prevents unauthorized distribution of personal and any other sensitive information on your computer.

- Unlike other Kaspersky products, Kaspersky One Universal can be used to protect at least 5 devices. Once you subscribe for your yearly Kaspersky One Universal service, you can use your license to stretch out the service to 5 other devices.


- Kaspersky One Universal has not yet been configured to use on iPhones which leaves iPhone users at a huge risk.

- Android systems are also not fully supported by Kaspersky One Universal. This is quite a huge disappointment for most people who use devices operated by Android systems.
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Pros and Cons of Kaspersky One Universal Security