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In the cyber world, computer viruses are being manufactured at a very high rate. Therefore itís crucial for computer owners to protect their data and files in the computers using antivirus software. The internet is not safe and secure because even the best technical experts once in a while may accidentally download viruses that can harm their computers. There are also some identity scams that have been invented and can easily affect the people who go online frequently. There are real benefits associated with installing antivirus software in your computer. Some of the reasons why you need antivirus software in your computer have been outlined below.
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4 Reasons Why Do You Need Antivirus Software?

- Protect your computer from viruses. Viruses can easily damage your computer. There are different types of viruses that have been manufactured and can easily damage your computer. A virus can be easily acquired by downloading suspect files which may be very questionable. Most of these files that contain viruses may be email attachments or links to improper websites. You can never be too sure that your computer is completely protected because computer hackers have created very tricky viruses which can affect even the most secure network. The effect of the viruses on your computer includes poor computer speeds, obliteration of important data and files in your computer and can also cause damage to the computer itself. With a working antivirus program, you can easily prevent any damage to your computer.

- Protect your computer from Identity theft and also Spyware. Spyware is software that spies on your computer and steals all the personal information present. If you save any financial information, credit card information, social security information it can be easily stolen using spyware software created by computer hackers. Some hackers have come up with spyware which installs in the computer and runs current information waiting for the computer user to purchase stuff online and immediately creates a record of all the information present. With this sensitive information, hackers can purchase products online with your credit card information and also clear out your financial balance if possible. Identity theft scams are very common in the cyber world which is the reason why you need antivirus software to protect all your sensitive information.

- Complete protection from Spam. Spam includes messages, emails or advertisements that you have not subscribed to. Some of the spammed emails may contain computer viruses that can affect your system completely. If you have installed proper antivirus software on your computer, you will notice a drastic reduction of spam.

- Protection of personal and sensitive information. With antivirus software you can protect all the sensitive information stored in your computer. For instance, most prestigious companies use antivirus software to protect any sensitive company information in their computers. For instance, if trading secrets were immediately revealed to the competitors, the companyís operations would be drastically affected. Computer users need antivirus software to protect any passwords or other important personal information in their computers.

NB: Due to the increased demand of antivirus software for computer users, there are so many antivirus companies that have released new antivirus software. Below are the pros and cons of Kaspersky Internet Security and BitDefender Internet Security.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 vs Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 - Which is the Best?

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Internet Security 2016 is one of the recent antivirus software in the market. Just like the predecessor, the 2015 version, 2016 provides computer users with protection for viruses and malwares. The antivirus software has been credited with at least 99% virus and malware detection capability which helps protect computer users. With new and advanced features, Kaspersky 2016 performs virus and malware scans at faster speeds allowing the computer user to continue using their own computer while the process is underway. The software is also very user friendly which allows computer amateurs to use it effectively.


- 2016 version has been identified as effective software in the detection of malware and viruses with 99% efficiency.
- User friendly interface which allows amateurs to use the software effectively.
- Contains a spam filter and anti-phising features which any protects personal information present in computers.
- Constant updates which make sure that the user is safe with up to date virus protection.
- 2016 version contains parental controls where parents can limit what websites their children visit.
- If viruses result in permanent damage to the computer, Kaspersky 2016 can easily resurrect the computer and prevent further protection from viruses and malware.


- Internet Security 2016 is not free unlike most antivirus software therefore computer users tend to shy away from it
- In order to activate Kaspersky, you should have an active internet connection which can be expensive for those without connection
- Security Suite does not work well with poorly performing machines and is definitely suited for high performance computers.

BitDefender Internet Security 2016

BitDefender 2016 is the antivirus software that has helped protect so many computer users from phising scams, malware, spyware and any other items that can compromise the computer. One of the best features of Bit Defender includes the fact that the antivirus software immediately detects any malicious files and immediately blocks them. It also offers the computer users all round protection and keeps the computer safe from cyber hackers.


- BitDefender has been independently verified by different verification bodies and the results were 100% efficient. The antivirus software provides 100% protection from malware and spyware software.
- If installed in the computer, BitDefender 2016 provides the user with an all round protected environment, safe enough to perform financial transactions.
- BitDefender can be operated remotely and also offers protection in different social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter
- BitDefender comes in different languages with a very easy to understand interface for beginners.


- Cleaning up the computer using BitDefender 2016 can be very slow. In fact, there can be some collateral damage and loss of completely infected files.
- The product must be activated and updated frequently which requires internet connection. This may be very expensive for most individuals.

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